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Ep. 13 - Kyle Fisher - Injury Prevention in College Athletics

May 31, 2020

In this episode, John is joined by fellow Bloomsburg University graduate, Kyle Fisher. Kyle's career has taken him throughout the United States, but he is currently an athletic trainer for Lebanon Valley College.

The conversation begins with Kyle briefly discussing his high school and collegiate football experience, which even led to some time as an NFL prospect. The discussion then transitions into John and Kyle's mutual interest and expertise in injury prevention.

Some subsequent topics include:

-Understading the PSAC conference and NCAA Division-2 athletics

-What athletic training actually is

-Athletic Training vs. Strength & Conditioning

-Care fore athletes vs. General Population

-Bottlenecks in sports rehab and recovery

-Avoiding injuries post-COVID

-Isometric Training

-How Kyle assesses athletes

-Concussions: rehab & prevention

-Vestibular training

-Addressing ACL injuries & high risk athletes

-Training athletes online -Icing athletes: does it work?

-Compression and its benefits


-The fine line between safety and babying athletes

-The influence of helmets on concussions

In the conversation, Kyle mentions vestibular testing using the Brock string

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