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Ep. 17 - Ned Hampford & Josh Zelinsky - The History of the

January 25, 2021

In this episode, John from Ruthless Performance sits down with long-time Pottsville Area High School Swim Coach Ned Hampford and the team's statistician, Josh Zelinsky. In addition to John's role with Ruthless Performance, he is also the Strength & Conditioning Coach (and alumni from) the Pottsville Area Crimson Tide Swim Team.

In this episode the three talk about:

-The creation of the DHH Lengel Natatorium (1970)

-The formation of the Pottsville Area Boys' Swim Team (1973)

-The team's participation in the East Penn Swim League and subsequently the Anthracite Swim League

-Coach Hampford's start with the team (1977)

-Early team successes and qualifications for the state championship meet (1986)

-The team's departure from traditional, high-yardage training

-The formation of the Pottsville Area Water Polo team as a means of building and introducing new swimmers to the water

-The strengths and weaknesses of coaching swimming in the coal region

-The popularity of tech suits in the early 2000's

-All-time best performances and races from the team's history


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