The Human Advancement Podcast

Ep. 3 - Jayson Terdiman - Maintaining an Olympic Mindset

April 26, 2020

In Today's episode, I interview two-time Olympic Athlete Jayson Terdiman (Instagram @jaysonterdiman). 

Jayson is a Berwick, PA native--which is how I met Jayson initially after his debut Olympic appearance at Socchi.

Throughout this conversation we cover a wide-range of topics relating to human performance. Some items we discuss include:

-Jayson's fourth-place finish at the 2018 Winter Olympics

-Daily life at the Olympic Training Center

-Jayson's rise through luge, beginning at the age of 10

-The value of being a multi-sport athlete

-How he felt and his initial impressions during his Olympic Birth in Socchi

-Life in the Olympic Village at the games

-When Jayson met Shaun White in the Team USA lounge

-And the self-talk that Jayson uses to keep his motivation high while training


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