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Ep. 9 - Erica Suter - A Modern Approach to Strength & Conditioning for Soccer

May 17, 2020

In this release, John Matulevich of Ruthless Performance talks with Strength & Conditioning Coach Erica Suter.

Though the conversation is largely about Erica's expertise of strength & conditioning and athlete development for middle school - high school soccer, the conversation is wide-ranging and covers topics from:

-Erica's History in the Sport of Soccer

-How Erica began her first Strength & Conditioning regimen at a young age

-In-Season vs. Out-of-Season training considerations

-Injury Prevention strategies for soccer players

-The notion of sport-specificity training

-Some of Erica's favorite exercises for soccer players

-Turf vs. Grass in soccer

-College summer training packets

-Instilling stoicism in athletes


You can find Erica on Instagram (@FitSoccerQueen) and Twitter (@FitSoccerQueen).


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