The Human Advancement Podcast

Ep. 4 Strength & Conditioning for Swimmers Expert Roundtable

April 29, 2020

In this episode of the podcast, John sits down with a panel of leading industry experts in the field of Strength & Conditioning for Swimmers.

Featured panelists include:

Lee Sommers, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Nation's Capital Swim Club

Matt DeLancey, Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning, University of Florida

Dr. John Mullen, President, Swimming Science

Keenan Robinson, Director of Sports Medicine and Science, USA Swimming

Katlyn Haycock, Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of Michigan and Club Wolverine Elite

Jun Jeong, Strength & Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports, University of Virginia


In this episode, we cover:

-COVID training for elite athletes and what it means for Olympic training cycle

-What at-home training should mean for swimmers plus what swimmers are missing

-How the Florida Gators use Plyometric training with their swimmers

-How swimmers can mistakenly end up with overuse injuries while out of the pool

-Why long-distance runs aren't a feasible replacement for swim practice

-The use of technology, metrics, software, and applications in tracking performance

-How strength training programs change throughout a college swimmer's career

-Strength and conditioning techniques for sprint swimmers

-Building positive relationships between strength & conditioning coaches and head coaches through communication

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