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Ep. 10 - Paige Stoner - The Long Path to Running Professionally

May 20, 2020

In this episode, John from Ruthless Performance interviews Paige Stoner, a fellow former Schuylkill County athlete who now runs professionally for the Reebok Boston Track Club. 

We detail Paige's career from high school to pro-athlete. We also discuss a multitude of running related topics like:

-Dirt road running for better health and running longevity

-The value of hill running 

-Sauna training

-Some of Paige's gear preferences

-Paige's favorite training recovery foods and strategies

-Marathon and Ultra-marathon running

-Race day dietary considerations

-Carbon-Plated Footwear

Follow Paige on Instagram (@PaigeStoner11) & Twitter (@PaigeStoner11). And follow Reebok Boston Track Club on Instagram (@reebokboston_tc).


As always, follow Ruthless Performance on Twitter and Instagram (both @RuthlessPerform).

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